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How do emotions get trapped?


 An event occurs and is perceived

Two guilty dogs after bite and destroy a sofa with innocent expression..jpg


3 - Organs/glands produce a vibration that is felt throughout the body

Young man pressing on chest with painful expression. Severe heartache, having heart attack


2 - Energy formed into a thought is created. The brain sends a signal to the rest of the body.

Human head and brain.Deep learning , Machine learning and artificial intelligence , AI Tec


4 - Behavior/action is initiated. Either the emotion is processed naturally through expression, or gets trapped in the body

Man Shouting

What will you feel during a session?

Everyone is different during an energy detox, however,
most clients report physical sensations like:

How will you feel after a session?

Most of my clients report massage-like
physical sensations to include feeling:


Other good-to-knows

  • This is touch-free vibrational therapy

  • Sessions are done over the phone, so you can be ANYWHERE in the world

  • The body allows for the detox/release of 5-20 trapped energy distortions at a time

  • Sessions last around 30 minutes

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