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Meet your Healing Facilitator


Keli Danielle Washington-Farley

ECP1 | BCP2 | BCP3

  • I am a certified Emotion Code (Level 1), Body Code (Level 2), and Belief Code Practioner (Level 3)

  • I am Your Energy Nurse   and Vibrational Therapist 

  • I specialize in holding non-judgmental space by detoxing/releasing trapped energetic distortions

  • Your body is the doctor who writes the energy prescription; I simply administer the protocol

  • It is my sacred calling!


EN - L3 Belief Code Badge - D2023.png

Veteran-owned business

Personal Tidbits

Interior Design


  • I was a Texas-registered Interior Designer with experience in universal access.  Focusing on building spaces accessible to everyone, no matter their physical/mental condition, demands a compassionate mindset for All.

  • I grew and prospered in a highly successful, commercial architectural firm for 6 years

Above the Clouds


  • I honorably served in the United States Air Force as an instructor navigator on the RC-135, a.k.a. "RJ" for Rivet Joint


  • I've flown missions over combat zones in both Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom

Anatomical Model


  • I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology which included a generous chemistry & physics curriculum

  • Other courses like anatomy/physiology & orchestra (violin) aid my vibrational attunement to energetic blockages in the body

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